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Student Cheering Section Plans Each Week On How to Be Spectacular

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by Regan Farr for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

mhsplayoffnc-1-crowd-smoke-1000x600After last year’s tremendous football season making it to the State-Finals, Walkersville students and community were super excited pre-season of football 2016. Since the first game against Thomas Johnson, the students have showed spirit every single game by planning themes, making banners, painting up, chanting,and everything they can to cheer the team on.

The Walkersville Lions Football team had a crazy undefeated regular season, the first time pulling this off since 1992. All of the players love the spirit that’s shown all around and appreciate all of the support. “It feels great to come out and see everyone there cheering us on; it’s encouraging and helps with having a home field advantage. We definitely practice harder throughout the week knowing such a big crowd will be there. Having a student section behind us is awesome; hearing all the chants in the game gives us a lot of momentum. We enjoy giving out our jerseys, girls wear them in our student section and it gets you pumped knowing you have someone repping you,” said senior player Kyle Daggett.

aplayoff-v-chs-9-fans-1000x600Each week the seniors come up with a theme and tweet it out for the rest of the school to be aware and prepare through the week. At most games, colored powder is passed out during warm ups and right before kick off they throw it up along with a chant. Senior Megan Wells takes a big part in planning for games. She makes the colored powder according to whatever the theme is and hands it out to the entire student section. “We have a group message that includes all the seniors who tailgate. We think of a few theme ideas each week and just take a vote. Josh Clegg and I usually get together during games and decide which chant to do at what time. We try to tell everyone ahead of time so the students in the back are aware and the whole student section will be loud. Everyone knows to do the chant three times. Our student section is awesome, I am so glad to be apart of the Walkersville community. Watching our boys do so great this season is such a good experience, and not everyone has the opportunity to be cheering on a successful team like we do,” Wells said.

Senior Maddie Hommey also has had a leadership role in organizing for the student section and tailgating. “I truly think we have one of the best student sections there are and of course I’ll say that because I love Walkersville, so for me it’s super fun and exciting to be a part of all the big things. We seem to have new ideas for ways to improve every week and to be able to bring those new ideas to the table whether they happen or not is all so exciting. It’s great to continue old traditions and leave new ones,” Hommey said.

sports-nc-mhs-15-1000x600“It is an awesome feeling having such a spirited school and being a part of our student section. We seniors are lucky to be in the front row cheering for an awesome team. Not only our football team is great in terms of skill and athleticism, they are all close on personal levels. I love being able to look back at our student section and see such an awesome group of kids we have supporting our team. It makes it fun to go to the games because it’s always fun dressing up for the theme each week and having fun with all of my friends,” senior Maddie Laquey said.

The seniors next year have a big job to take on, and hopefully they will continue to build a great student section and make it even better.

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