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Starting Spirit Week Strong with Pajama Day!

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Emily Yeeles

There comes a time in a person’s life where they inevitably sleep in. Throughout the day you are stuck with matted hair and rocking sweats or pajamas from the night before. This static state of looking like you just woke up is known as the just rolled out of bed look. But this first day of spirit week you are allowed to wear this look and show off your favorite pair of pajamas.

Walkersville students are starting this week strong. There are pajamas as far as the eye can see and some people have gone all out. A Walkersville senior featuring as a minion explains his reasoning for choosing this set of pajamas. “I love Despicable Me and honestly I wanted to go all out,” senior Elijah Oliver explains.

There is more than the eye can see when it comes to choosing the correct set of pajamas. Comfort is always the utmost importance but sometimes height can be an issue when it comes to choosing a set of pajamas to wear “I chose this set because I’m tall and it was the best pair that fit me,” sophomore Gabe Miller said.

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Students are not the only ones participating today. The pajama spirit has spread towards waiting or unsuspecting staff. One of the staff who is always ready for spirit days is Mrs. Boller.“I am all about spirit days,” teacher Mrs. Boller exclaims. “I dress up every year and every single time there is a spirit day. I love them!”

People are even making puns with their pajamas. Senior Patrick Huber featured a cow pajama set and said:“I think spirit week is udderly fantastic.”

This has been a successful spirit week so far and there have been so many people sporting their favorite pair of pajamas. Even though we look like tired zombies on Mondays, we were able to do it today in style. There are four days left of spirit week so keep showing your school spirit!

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