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Lumberjack Day Tradition Continues

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Erin Gant

Tradition at Walkersville continues. Whether we notice it or not it surrounds our everyday lives here at school. One such tradition is Lumberjack day, which is this Friday, October 5, 2018.

Lumberjack day is the Friday before homecoming week. Students come to school wearing flannels to look like lumberjacks, and bring pancakes and syrup to share with their friends at lunch.

For anyone at Walkersville High School, lumberjack day is not just another spirit day.

Students really enjoy this day because they get to show spirit in ways that most kids at other schools don’t get to do. Senior, Leah Wells, says, “I think lumberjack day is a great day where the students can all get really in the mood for spirit week!” Sophomore, Janey Wells, says, “I think lumberjack day puts everyone in a good mood and it makes the day feel easier.”

Principal Kibler shares how she wasn’t exactly sure how lumberjack came to be but she says that “some senior classes are really into it and they come in with their checkered tablecloths and large containers of pancakes and syrup.” Most students and teachers currently at WHS do not know the origin of lumberjack day. But that does not stop most of the school from participating and showing spirit.

Mr. Lepeonka says, “Lumberjack day has been at WHS at least 10 to 12 years… maybe longer.” Legend has it that the founding father is Mr. Daly. Lepeonka also says, “It started in his class as a joke and has turned into a school wide day.”

Students started celebrating this day in room 160 as a joke and it has since become a tradition and a WHS holiday (Lepeonka). Tradition is what brings Walkersville high school together. Lumberjack day is something we all have the privilege of participating in that other schools do not.


Photo courtesy of Erin Gant.

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