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frederickcountysheriffThe Frederick County Sheriff’s Office offers a few tips that will make Halloween a real treat for the entire family. Citizens are urged to be especially alert and make safety a priority.

Choosing a costume:

  • Costumes should not be long around the feet, to avoid being a tripping hazard.
  • Costumes should be made with light colored materials. Strips of retro-reflective tape help make children visible.
  • Masks can obstruct a child’s vision; make sure eye holes are large enough to see out of or use facial make-up instead.

Child Safety:

  • Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly.
  • Make sure that an adult or an older responsible youth will be supervising the outing for children under age 12.
  • Establish a return time.
  • Pin a slip of paper with the child’s name, address and phone number inside a pocket in case they get separated from the group.
  • Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten -when in doubt, throw it out.


  • Travel only in familiar areas and along an established route.
  • Stop only at houses or apartment buildings that are well lit and never enter a stranger’s home.
  • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street, and do not cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain can present tripping hazards.
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