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Senior Dress Up Day Has Walkersville’s Halls Looking Spooky, Creative and Outstanding

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by Bridey O’Connor for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

Halloween is a day full of excitement, candy, and dressing up in costumes. For the past three years, senior students have been given the opportunity to come to school in costume on Halloween or the last school day before Halloween. This year is no different.

On Monday, principal Tracey Franklin said on the morning announcements that the senior class has earned the chance to come to school in costume on the 28th. This year’s senior Dress-Up Day (as it’s unofficially called) is even more exciting since it’s the end of the term and the beginning of a long three day weekend. The only solid rules for this day is that they have to be school appropriate and you have to be recognizable.
“We didn’t have Senior Dress-Up Day when I got here, and it was something we instituted for seniors only as a tradition so that they could have a right of passage to have a celebratory day that maybe the rest of the student body doesn’t have,” said Franklin. “That decision was made because we have other opportunities for the students to dress up and participate in things, between spirit weeks and homecoming and those kinds of things. It’s been a great success for us — underclassmen haven’t abused it, they haven’t tried to dress when they’re not supposed to, and the seniors have kept it pretty respectable, and haven’t really violated any major school rules with it. I’ve already had seniors this week asking me, ‘Mrs. Franklin I want to dress up as this, is this okay?’ I think it’s great, I think Halloween is one of those holidays that we look at it in a very evil, dark sense, and for a lot of people that’s not what it is, it’s celebratory and it’s part of our childhood. And so, I’m excited to see the seniors on Friday, so I hope it’s a lot of fun.”

“I’m participating this year. It’s a good way to express how people feel about Halloween, especially the seniors since they’re leaving and they need some fun,” said senior Kalil Ricketts.

“I think it’s fine that it’s only seniors. They earned it and I feel like people in other grades would dress inappropriately,” junior Jordan Newman said.

“I don’t think it’s fair that it’s just seniors, like it’s a privilege and what not, but I feel like it should be for everyone,” said sophomore Theo Lynch.

“I’m really happy to finally be a senior after waiting for three years. I’m putting as much effort as I possibly can into my costume since it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said senior Alexis Vasquez.

“I’m so excited and happy to finally be a senior and participate. I’m going as the dirty bubble from SpongeBob,” said senior Chara Roberts.

This senior class has earned this opportunity after four long years and they really stepped up to the plate with their costumes with the creativity and work put into them. So even if you’re not a senior this year, have a safe, spooky, and happy Halloween.

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