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School Should Start Later for High School Students

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School, Should it start at a later time each day? For me the answer is yes, It seems rather odd for the school day to start at 7:30 AM for teenagers while the elementary school starts at 8:30 AM. On average children in elementary school wake up and could be ready for school at around 6AM everyday and generally need less sleep than teenagers; teenagers on average need more sleep than elementary kids,

High school students generally wake up later in the day at around 8 or 9 am making the 8:30 AM start perfect for highschool students since they have the necessary rest they need to perform at their best during the school day.

By changing the time elementary school students and high school students start school it would benefit both sides since one the elementary school kids are up and ready at the time high school students go to school and two the high school students would have time to get ready and be ready for school at the time the elementary school students start school. This would be a mutually beneficial way to start of the high school students day and a great way for the elementary school students to end the ever dragging problem of school lasting too long and not ending early enough that elementary students talk about.

On the other side of the spectrum it can be bad for the elementary school kids to wake up that early and go to school and it could be a burden for parents since the kid could have no one to bring them to school or no one to bring them to the bus stop at the appropriate time since the child’s parents could be working that early in the morning. And that it would problematic if the parents had to change their work schedule just for their kid to get to school.

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Sophomore Pedro Torres stated  “I agree that school should start at a later time since naturally we [teenagers] tend to need more sleep at different times than those in elementary school.” Yes, naturally teenagers sleep schedules change when their hormones change making them want to stay up later and sleep until later in the day, and it’s quite the opposite for kids around the elementary school age.

The reason school should start at a later time is because when hormones change in teenagers it makes them want to start sleeping at a later time and making them want to sleep later into the day making it an excellent option. Senior Hunter Diley stated” I agree with the fact that high school should start at a later time it could really benefit us, it would make my school day seem so much better.”.  That’s one more reason that high school should start at a later time it would allow students to wake up and be ready to learn in the morning instead of groggily working through assignments in first and second period.

Sophomore Blake Malone stated” I agree with the fact that school should start at a later time, its just a burden to wake up that early and having to get to school while i’m still half asleep, I would love it if school could start at a later time, around 8 or 9 would be perfect.

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