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Rutters Forced to Remove Signs

The Town of Walkersville’s Planning Commission brought representatives from Rutter’s before their public hearing last week. Staff and Commission members noticed the installation of signs that had not been approved as part of its signage application.

The signs on the diesel fueling area canopy directed trucks to enter and exit with large lettering and featured a very large DIESEL sign on either side of the canopy. The legal representative for Rutter’s argued that directional exempt signs already approved were larger than the maximum six square feet. As such, the 11.144 sq. ft. Enter signs, 14.71 sq. ft. Exit signs, and 38.9 sq. ft. DIESEL signs should be allowed.

Planning Commission Chair Dick Brady noted that the ENTER and DIESEL signs were clearly visible from a long distance south of Sandstone Drive. As the approved use restricts trucks to using only the signalized intersection at Glade Boulevard, Mr. Brady worried that trucks coming north would see the signs and turn onto Sandstone Drive. Rutter’s representative argued that the signs stating No Trucks on Sandstone would prevent such a use. Mr. Brady suggested that once the turn had been made, it would be too late and truck drivers would proceed up Sandstone Drive.

After much discussion of traffic flow rules, the Planning Commission agreed to allow a six square foot DIESEL sign on the South side of the canopy with a green price sign (price signs are not regulated by size restrictions). The North side would continue to direct drivers with the large DIESEL and EXIT signs to ensure trucks use the correct pumps and traffic patterns. The motion passed 4 – 2.

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As of today, the sign changes were underway.

In other business, the Planning Commission voted to defer a decision on a proposed community sign for the new Parkside development on Biggs Ford Road and approved the subdivision of Walkers Village Shopping Center in which the two-story building facing Glade Boulevard will be a separate property.

Next month, the Planning Commission plans to review Draft FEMA Floodplain Maps for the area.

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