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Roosters on the Loose

A gang of thieving and harassing males continues to terrorize Old Town Walkerville. They steal vegetables, harass local females, and disturb the peace at all hours with their crowing about town.

The gang of roosters has been an issue for weeks now. Frederick County Animal Control responded a few weeks ago, but could only catch a few of the mischievous cocks. They told townspeople today that they would only come if someone caught the animals.

They have a particular fondness for one resident’s tomatoes. Handily, a chicken coup of hens live across the street providing further attraction.

Neighbors cannot determine the owner.

Owners of the hens want these birds to stay away to avoid the spread of avian flu or other diseases. They also don’t want fertilized eggs.

Vegetable growers want these roosters to stay out of their crops.

This writer has offered to teach the neighborhood kids how to process the birds and have a block party of fresh chicken if he catches them.

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