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Residents Start Petition Against Rutter’s in Walkersville

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A group of Walkersville residents began a petition against Rutter’s plans for a convenience store with gasoline and high-speed diesel pumps in Walkersville. Rutter’s presented plans earlier in the year, and has appeared several times since winter in front of the Walkersville Planning Commission.

During its last public hearing, the Planning Commission expressed serious concerns about the concept plan presented by Rutter’s. A large crowd attended the meeting and voiced opposition to the plans. The Planning Commission approved the plan with modifications that would not allow trucks using Sandstone Drive to access the fuel pumps, and did not allow a set-back exemption for parking spaces along Woodsboro Pike.

The creator of the online petition at, posted the following update this afternoon:

“Tomorrow, July 12 at 7:30 there is a Walkersville Burgess and Commissioners meeting at Town Hall. I plan on printing off the petition, with whatever signatures have been submitted, to present to officials at that meeting. Any residents who would like to attend, please join me! When I called the Town Office today, it was suggested that we come to tomorrow’s meeting (as a group) to have our voices heard. 

I will submit an updated petition later this month.”

The online petition states the following:

The Walkersville Planning Commission is negotiating with Rutters to allow a Rutters store to be built on 194, with atttached road changes to Sandstone Dr and setback allowances. This Rutters store would include diesel gas pumps and encourage additional large truck usage on 194 and Sandstone Drive.

We, the petitioners, are opposed to a Rutters, and diesel gas pumps being built on the property. We do not want the commissioners or Burgess to allow or legislate road changes and changes in setbacks.

This type of gas station would encourage additional truck and road traffic on 194, additional overnight noise and useage, and be a detriment to the environment and quality of life in Walkersville.

The organizers ask residents to sign the petition at

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