Rain, Rain, Go Away

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Dayah Scott

The past couple weeks have been quite the storm here in Walkersville. It’s been drizzling, raining, and pouring on everybody’s parade. Throughout the month the weather has graced the community with a couple sunny days to keep everybody going. However, the old saying, “When it rains, it storms” is up and running!

When it comes down to the gloomy weather it’s more than just a notification from your weather app. Not every event in our student’s lives has a rain or shine option so let’s get into how they’re all adapting. So first, a view on student life, “It makes me feel down and tired” said sophomore Kara Neal. Senior D’Anna Gibson supported by sharing that “It makes me tired, I feel lazier and want to just watch movies.. The only plus is that I’m more motivated to do school work because no one wants to go outside in this weather.”

The mood shifts and cancelled events seem to be taking its toll. On the upside, rainy days aren’t too bad for students who need an extra push to get their work done.

For student athletes, continuous bad weather can be quite exasperating. The athletes put in hours of hard work during the off season. Then when it’s time for business, are confronted by delayed games and canceled practices. Senior Chidera Ogwulu, is a varsity soccer player for the school and advocates strongly for her struggles due to weather. She expressed, “I feel like we can never get in the groove of things with so many canceled practices and postponed games. Then, when we do play in the rain it’s difficult controlling the ball. It’s frustrating.” The weather is definitely toying with the “mojo” of our athletes. However, they remain in it to win it and will not let the rain ruin their season.

Like any community, the weather is also taking a jab in the area of transportation. Students all have to get to school someway and the rain can make it a hassle. For bus riders, standing in the rain at 6:30 in the morning isn’t exactly the most enjoyable. Walkers are forced to pull out their umbrellas or trench through the rain with their hoodies up. As for drivers, driving in the rain isn’t always the most pleasurable either. Driving in the pouring rain can be dangerous and bring out fear in a lot of people. Heavy rain increases the risk of hydroplaning and cause good drivers to not perform accordingly. Senior, Nephi Okonah commented, “It’s annoying sharing the road with drivers who aren’t good in the rain, I give people more space to accommodate for the risks.”Senior, Emmanuel Boama supported voicing that, “Once it starts raining people drive worse, you have to be a lot more cautious.”Fortunately, most students have found ways adjust when getting to where they need to be.

Hopefully, everybody will open up their weather apps to a sunny day in the near future. Until then, the student’s at Walkersville High are going to keep pushing through the rain. Whether that be by getting extra work done, adapting to their sporting events, or driving safely.

Rain or shine the community keeps things moving.

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