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Walkersville High Presents “Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits”

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Every fall, Walkersville High School puts on a production of a Shakespeare play. In recent years it has been Taming of The Shrew, and Macbeth. But this year’s play is unique from other years and is not a full play, but a combination of scenes and additional writings, called “Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits!”

Hannah Benson, Audrey McClatchie, and Bryan Stillman, directors and writers of the show, have been striving to make Shakespeare’s works more understandable and enjoyable for a wider range of people. Through using individual scenes, famous scenes, and modern writings, this year’s play will be easier to follow. By putting on a variety of individual scenes, the audience will not have to follow a normal production’s long story line with dozens of characters and scene changes. In addition, the directors selected some of Shakespeare’s most famous scenes, in order for the audience to already hold familiarity with the stories. Finally, the directors all wrote in additional commentary, songs, and characters to provide background and to break up the scenes.

“This show… opened up a gateway of Shakespeare for people to understand,” freshman Abby Russell exclaimed!

The production includes scenes from Romeo and JulietA Midsummer Night’s DreamJulius CaesarMacbethHamlet, and more! This production is different from other Shakespeare shows, and will definitely be one to see!

“Shakespeare productions are unique for me as an actor and director because they require a deeper understanding and dedication than most shows. Learning the meaning behind the words and stories is almost as important, if not more than, as performing well,” director and senior Audrey McClatchie reflects.

“I love how we can bring individual stuff to the characters. When you bring something to the characters, it makes it more personable,” freshman Audrey Shabelski commented.

“There is a freedom we are allowed because we don’t have the constraints of a normal show… It is an original piece, and has gotten input from a lot of people,” English teacher and director Bryan Stillman shares.

You can see the play yourself for an all-inclusive price of $5, on December 13th (show at 7 pm) and 14th (shows at 2 pm, and 7 pm). It is important to note that this show will not have an intermission, due to the fact that it is only an hour long. Come and see the show for yourself, enjoy a night of drama, song, and laughter!

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