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Public Hearing on FY 2020 General and Water Fund Budgets

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The Town of Walkersville will hold Public Hearings on its Fiscal Year 2020 General and Water Fund Budgets on Wednesday, May, 22, 2019. The Public Hearing will be held in Town Hall at 7:30 p.m.

Last month, the Burgess and Commissioners received a preview of the General Fund showing income and expenses of $3,932,654. That preliminary budget included:

  • a 5% increase in office salaries and the hiring of a new part-time office position,
  • the addition of $8,600 to the Parks budget for spring, fall, and winter festivals,
  • $266, 584 for a new building at Heritage Farm Park that has two bids in the amounts of $675,513 and $459,250. The Maryland State Board of Public Works committed $189,925 toward this building. The Town has already spent $81,907 on plans for the building;
  • $10,376 for Stabilization of the Heritage Farm Park barn.

The proposed budget posted for the Public Hearing shows income and expenses of $4,226,253.

Proposed Budgets:

FY 2020 General Fund
FY 2020 Water Fund

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