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Paving, Blasting, and Storm Water Dominate Town Meeting

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Shortly after dedicating Richard Winn Lane, Town of Walkersville officials met at Town Hall on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

Town Commissioners voted to approve a quote of $38,308 from C.J. Miller to pave Pennsylvania Drive, the gravel area at the Walkersville Train Station, and Biggs Ford Road in front of Lonza. Commissioner Mary Ann Brodie-Ennis questioned spending money on paving at the train station, and asked if it is town property. It wasn’t clear, but she urged the Town to ask the Walkersville Southern Railroad for a contribution. Commissioner Don Schildt questioned if more quotes were required. The consensus was that the vendor is on-site for final paving of Mill Run’s Ports Circle, and is not charging for hauling their equipment into town.

Commissioner Candidate Tom Gilbert and resident of Glade Village raised concerns of blasting. Earlier Wednesday, contractors blasted through some rock for the new Water Treatment Plant. According to Mr. Gilbert and his neighbors, the blasting shook homes in Glade Village. They were concerned also that Walkersville Southern Railroad was running trains along the tracks nearby. Mr. Gilbert and his neighbors received no notice of the blasting and worried that proper safety measures were not in place.

Burgess Chad Weddle assured Mr. Gilbert that all required safety measures were taken and that nearby homes were surveyed beforehand. He apologized for the lack of notice. He told citizens that further blastings will be announced on the Town’s web site and Facebook page.

Wayne Starkey, owner of Old Town Jewelers and the property it occupies, complained about the work of the State Highway Administration (SHA) on its storm water management area neighboring his property. SHA began work on the storm water area a few weeks ago without notice to the Town of Walkersville or its neighbor. Mr. Starkey complained that rain water pools in his parking lot and that it is worse since the construction began. He also worried about mosquitos as there are rumors that this will be a wet storm water pond.

Town Public Works Director Bob DePaola said that he contacted SHA. He raised concerns about a proposal of a wet pond over Town water lines. He is set to meet with SHA and will contacting them with the concerns raised at the meeting.

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