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Overview of R.C.S as a Member

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

R.C.S. is unique a club at Walkersville High School made up of fun, friendly people. Primarily, we listen to music and discuss the songs that are played, but the club is the most flexible one in the school. It can be anything we want as long as it fits the acronym R.C.S., but it wasn’t always that way.

R.C.S. used solely stand for Ripper Cracker Snatcher. Ripper Cracker Snatcher was a simple sport, really. It consists of three positions, one constant and two alternating (ripper, cracker, and snatcher), a ball (spherical projectile), and a paddle made from a broom wrapped in cardboard and duct tape (Cracker).

The way Ripper Cracker Snatcher is played begins with the ripper who “rips” the spherical projectile to the cracker. “To rip” means to bounce the spherical projectile once toward the cracker. The cracker then cracks (hits) the spherical projectile back to the ripper, whose position then alternates to the snatcher. Then the snatcher should snatch (catch) the spherical projectile, thus scoring one point. That is done 4 times to complete a round. A flawless round scores four points.

There was some concern that some students might be offended by the name, so the club had to be named R.C.S.

For awhile, we would only play Ripper Cracker Snatcher, but once the weather started to get cold, sometimes, we decided to just stay inside and listen to music. After a few weeks of this, we decided that R.C.S. should stand for Ripper Cracker Snatcher and Really Cool Songs.

Eventually, we began to start doing other things that interested us in the club as well as listening to music and playing Ripper Cracker Snatcher. It was decided that R.C.S. club can be anything as long as it fits the acronym.

Of course, we usually do the same thing everyday, but if there is a good idea, we’ll move on and do that for as long as we still have fun with it.

I recommend the R.C.S. club to anyone who wants a place to just hang out after school and just talk with fun people while sharing good music, or really, doing anything else.

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