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One of Five Teachers Will Kiss a Pig to Support the FFA

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by Caroline Wisner

The Walkersville chapter of the FFA club will be running a “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser until February 2, 2017. The proceeds will go towards the club’s National Land Judging trip.

Five staff members are up for the chance to kiss the pig: Technology teacher Regina Stelma, History teacher Jason Lepeonka, Physical Education teacher Susan Pardo, Custodian Phil Bittner, and Principal Tracey Franklin.

Students can visit the FFA’s table during lunch and place their money into whichever staff member’s container they want to see kiss a pig. The staff member with the most amount of money will be announced at a basketball game on February 2, 2017. They will then have to apply bright red lipstick to their lips, and give the pig a smooch.

FFA member junior Sydnie Grossnickle is impartial to which staff member should kiss the pig, “Personally I think all of them will be funny,” said Grossnickle.

Fellow junior Paige Shortt has made her decision however, “I wish Mr. Cronk was in it, it would be so funny to see him kiss a pig,” Shortt continued, “But since he isn’t, in it I want Stelma to do it.”

The staff members competing for the honor do not share in the students’ excitement however. Stelma seemed appalled at the idea of kissing a pig at first but soon accepted her possible fate, “I would do just about anything for a good cause, I would even kiss Lepeonka,” said Stelma with a jovial laugh.

Franklin revealed that she was not too worried about having to kiss a pig, “Not many people know this but I grew up on a farm which had pigs so I’m not grossed out by them,” Franklin continued, “It definitely depends on the pig; if he’s gross we might have to clean him up a little first.”

Junior Luke Gladhill disclosed where the pig will be coming from and the breed, “It’s coming from a family friend I show pigs with and it’s going to be a spot pig,” said Gladhill.

Students are sure to be pleased with the event no matter what staff member is forced to kiss the pig.

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