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Notice of Virtual Public Hearing: Amended Bill 20-15 Defining a Farmers Market

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Re: Amended Bill 20-15: Defining a “Farmers Market” in the Zoning Ordinance, as a specific type of Temporary Outdoor Activity in certain zones, and as a Customary Accessory Use on property zoned Institutional

The County Council (“Council”) of Frederick County, Maryland, will conduct a virtual public hearing on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. or soon thereafter to discuss:

AN ACT to: Define farmer’s market, allow farmers market as a Temporary Outdoor Activity within certain zones, and include farmers market as a customary accessory use on properties zoned Institutional.

Copies of the bill may be obtained from the Council’s webpage on the Frederick County Government’s website at

The Council may modify the bill in whole or in part before enactment.

The Council will utilize a web portal that will allow the public a way to participate in Council meetings.

Individuals can watch the live public hearing, leave written comments before or during a meeting, or use the toll-free number listed at the site to listen live or leave voice mail messages that will be transcribed and read or may be aired during the public comment portion of Council meetings. This new feature can be found at The portal also uses built-in translation services so those for whom English is not their native language can leave comments or read responses in more than 100 languages.

The public is reminded that all comments, both written and oral, will be made part of the public record.

Voice mail messages should include a caller’s name and address at the beginning of the message. To leave a message for the Council, call 855-925-2801, and provide the appropriate meeting code (8365), which also appears on the portal for each Council meeting. Please continue to stay tuned as the Council continues to try and meet the needs of all of its residents during these challenging times.

Members of the public comments will be given three (3) minutes per speaker via telephone.

Persons requiring special accommodations for this public hearing are requested to contact the County Council’s Office at 301-600-1135 (TTY: Use Maryland Relay) to make the necessary arrangements no later than three (3) business days prior to the hearing.

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