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New Burrito Bar Has Students and Staff Excited About Buying School Lunch

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jessica Bentley for Walkersville High School’s Lions Pride

Everybody loves Chipotle’s make your own burritos and burrito bowls. Now Walkersville High is doing their own version of these starting November 15th. The staff got the chance to preview the new items on November 14th.

What can you get on your burrito or bowl? Well to begin with all burritos include your meat and come in a whole grain tortilla, and the bowls include meat with rice. There are multiple choices for meat; you can get carnitas which is seasoned pork, seasoned beef, and cheese. You can get two different kinds of rice: cilantro lime rice and mexican rice.

Bnews-burr-bar-2-good-270x300esides the meat and rice you can also get vegetables. They offer a few different options: black beans, pinto beans, seasoned corn, romaine lettuce, and diced tomatoes. They also have other miscellaneous toppings: diced red onions, guacamole, taco sauce, hot sauce, jalapenos, salsa, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Each meal also includes ½- 1 cup of fruit and milk (chocolate or white).

Why did the cafeteria decide to try this new approach? FCPS Culinary Specialist Karen Smith said “This is a county wide approach. Our first school we tried it at was Urbana, and this is our sixth school we have introduced it to. All the schools have been successful. When all’s said and done there will be a burrito bar in every high school, possibly one or two middle schools.”

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Many teachers were very excited to try the new bar. English teacher John Van Bloem looked very excited to eat his burrito, (see picture). He also said “It was really fresh and I was able to get it the way I like it.The jalapenos were a little hotter than I expected. I thought they would be like joke jalapenos and not be that hot, but after two or three I was like okay these are hot.”

Students also seemed excited; junior Madeline Etchison said “It’s a good size, which I didn’t expect. I like that it is something different, and in my opinion it is better than the usual lunch, which always seems like it is the same thing.” “It is a creative idea; it does take a little longer, but it is good,” said freshman Ray Clutter.

If you are worried about price difference or not being able to get all the toppings you want you do not have to worry about it, Smith said “It is the same price as regular lunch,so if you are eligible for free lunch this would be a free option. The only thing you can’t get all of is the meats, but you can have as many other toppings as you want.”

This new promotion is sure to have students excited and buying lunch. It has in other schools already. “In Middletown there was a 30% increase of participation in lunch by students,” Smith ended

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