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Math Teacher Kimberly Gilbert Readies Students for Both College and Career

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Alyiah Jackson

Much of the math students learn is applied to real-life situations. High school mathematics are focused on ensuring students are college and career ready, which can often lead to becoming successful.

The work of a math teacher is not as easy as it seems. They are responsible for producing people who seek professions in fields of science, technology, and engineering. A mathematics teacher’s job description usually includes, planning, developing, and executing lessons that reflects the state’s educational standards, evaluating students progress and the ability to meet courses standards in mathematical knowledge and skills. They prepare students to take advanced classes such as precalculus and calculus, advanced algebra, trigonometry, and statistics. Some of those math classes are what our Walkersville High School mathematics teacher, Kimberly Gilbert teaches.

Gilbert has been part of our Lion community for ten years. She prepares students to be college and career ready by teaching College Algebra, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, and Calculus BC. She encourages practical thinking in everyday life. Her teaching methods include, break[ing] it down into smaller pieces or chunks, and then gathering through the chunks together but also practice. “I believe in practice; you have to do it because it solidifies. Gilbert always knew she wanted to teach, but it was the field she wanted to teach in that was questioned. “It was a passion that I’ve always had as a kid and it just stuck with me. I loaded up on sciences because I assumed I was going to become a science teacher.” Gilbert’s  precalculus teacher was the one that made the difference when deciding what field to teach. Her math teacher told her that she wasn’t “smart enough” to do math, but Gilbert definitely proved her wrong, now teaching some of the most rigorous math classes at WHS.

It is good to know what you are passionate for and what you want to accomplish in life, but if you don’t know, that’s alright because we have teachers like Gilbert, who help make a difference in your life. What does she enjoy the most about her career? She enjoys inspiring students and preparing them to be successful. “Whatever you do in life, like what you do. Be very passionate about it. I love coming here, seeing you all and having a good time with you guys.”

Gilbert works endlessly to make sure her students not only learn what is expected, but that her students really understand what they are learning it and how to apply it to everyday life. She not only encourages the development of problem solving, logical reasoning and flexible thinking skills, but continues to encourage students and inspiring them. She has been a great help here in the math department at WHS and it is very much appreciated by the students.

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