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Maryland Pauses Re-Opening, Expands Mask Requirements, and Discourages Travel to Hot Spots

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan paused further re-opening plans today. The pause is due to an increase of hospital beds in use by COVID patients and “a dramatic shift of cases” with 56% of new cases in Maryland among residents under 40 years of age. Maryland will not enter Phase Three of its Re-Opening Plan until further notice.

Through contact tracing, the following activities were identified as the leading sources of infection in Maryland:

  • 44% attended a family gathering,
  • 23% attended house parties, and
  • 21% attended outdoor events.

Contact tracing found the most high risk locations for infection to be:

  • 54% working outside of homes,
  • 39% shopping at retail stores,
  • 23% dining outdoors at a restaurant, and
  • 23% dining indoors at a restaurant.

The most at risk forms of employment are:

  • 25% Healthcare Workers,
  • 23% Non-Public Facing Jobs,
  • 13% Public Facing Jobs, and
  • 12% Restaurant / Food Service Jobs.

While contact tracing does not identify how these people contracted COVID-19, the commonalities among those infected show significant risks shared by those infected.

Governor Hogan encouraged Teleworking to keep Maryland Open.

Based upon the contact tracing data and unanimous recommendation of the Coronavirus Recovery Team, face coverings will be required in public spaces of all businesses and buildings, and in outdoor public areas when it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. The order goes into effect Friday, August 30, 2020.

Governor Hogan also issued a Public Health Advisory discouraging inter-state travel to states experiencing positivity rates higher than 10%. Those states are:

  • Florida,
  • Texas,
  • Georgia,
  • Louisiana,
  • Arizona,
  • Alabama,
  • South Carolina,
  • Nebraska, and
  • Idaho

Maryland residents are encouraged to postpone or cancel travel to these states. If residents do travel, they should immediately get tested and self-quarantine while awaiting results.

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