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Homecoming Parade Celebrates All That Is Wonderful About Small Town Walkersville

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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by Faith Gordon photos by Nicole Cregger for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

The Walkersville homecoming parade marks the closing of another great homecoming week. Students sacrificed their free time after school to create their floats and make this year’s homecoming parade a memorable one for not only themselves but their community as well.

Students involved in class clubs, sports and other clubs at Walkersville High participate every year in the march from the middle school to the high school. The class clubs have invested hours into building their floats for the parade, stocking up on candy to toss to spectators and making posters and decorations throughout the homecoming week.

“We have a pickup truck that we’ll be riding in. We’re going to decorate the truck with posters and streamers then throw candy to people,” said freshman Hally Okeefe.

“We’re just doing blue and gold school spirit and making posters because we have a trailer for the parade,” said sophomore Sydney Pigott.

As the competitive spirit between the different classes began to come to an end, the class clubs displayed their school spirit to the Walkersville community and attempted to prove to the public that their class was the best for one last time.

“I think our club is gonna be the most successful; we work well together. The float is going good,” said junior Keegan Moriarty

“I’m looking forward to seeing what my wonderful sophomores are up to this year because they’re keeping it from me,” said math teacher Darrin Drum.

Although each class came up amazing floats and decorations, the senior class float soon became a favorite due to its big structure, giant lion head, stars with each of the football players names surrounding the float and smiling faces of the senior class students.

With all of the excitement and preparation for homecoming happening throughout the week, creating the floats and decorations in a short amount of time was shown to be very difficult.

“The hardest part was finding a trailer to use because we didn’t have one at first,” said Okeefe, “It was pretty last minute but we found a truck and had to quickly put up our posters while we were at the middle school right before the parade started.”

But the classes at Walkersville High were not the only highlights of the parade. The community truly came together to celebrate Walkersville pride whether it be by being in the parade or watching and socialising with neighbors on the sides.

“The amount of effort and time that goes into it is really cool,” said senior Jake Hrabosky.

“My favorite thing is when they throw candy and seeing how well the community comes together,” said Junior Haley Spangler.

A highlight for many that attended was seeing the young GVAA football players and cheerleaders chant their way up the street, watching the marching band play with accompaniment of the future Marching Lions middle school marching band, and cheering along to the call and response chants from the WHS cheerleaders as they stood on their creative “Rumble in the Jungle” float.

No matter what your role was in this year’s parade, it was sure to bring much excitement to the game that followed shortly after as well as stirred up a great sense of pride among the members of the Walkersville community.

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