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Fountain Rock Road Intersection to be Changed to Right Turns Only

As the Town of Walkersville approved plans for the Sheetz expansion, officials negotiated with Sheetz to build the long planned Richard Winn Lane. The road was originally to be built by the developers of industrial land that was annexed into the Town of Walkersville, but that property has yet to be developed.

Part of the negotiations included the Town of Walkersville’s desire to close Fountain Rock Road’s left turn movements at Woodsboro Pike. The Town’s Planning Commission made sure that Sheetz knew that this was planned and high on the Town’s list of remedies to safety issues along Woodsboro Pike.

At last night’s Town Meeting, Walkersville Planning Administrator, Susan Hauver, announced that Walkersville contracted Lenhart Traffic Consulting for engineering and permitting options for converting the intersection to a right-in and right-out configuration. After plans are made and the State Highway Administration issues permits, a contractor will be paid by the Town of Walkersville for the changes to be made.

Once the work is done, Richard Winn Lane will be opened to traffic. At that time, traffic will be directed to use Richard Winn Lane to access Fountain Rock Road.

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