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Field Hockey Beats Brunswick 3-0 In Playoff Competition

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

On Monday, the Walkersville Lady Lions played against the Brunswick Roaders. Since this was the Lady Lions’ first playoff game, they were more than ready to try their best and win to stay competing for a title.

Senior Keren Ott said, “I am super excited to play against Brunswick for the first playoff game. If we all try our best and play super hard, we should win and advance to the next round.”

The game started off great for the Walkersville Lady Lions. With 15:12 remaining in the first half, junior Baylor Baxley scored the first goal of the game. Senior Alyssa Roskowinski scored as well with only 4:00 minutes left on the clock before halftime.

During the second half, senior Sarah McElwain scored with 6:00 minutes left, making the final score of the game 3-0.

The Lions’ defense was as remarkable as ever. The Roaders never had the opportunity to score because senior Kathleen Duffy shut out every goal that they attempted.

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Senior Olivia Blizard said, “I think we won because we all came together to shutout the other team. We are eager to see what happens in the next round at FSK on Wednesday. We definitely want to make it all the way so we are all excited to see what happens.”

McElwain added, “I’m really glad we got the chance to play Brunswick again because the last time we played them I couldn’t because of my concussion, and playing them for the second time I got to score my first goal of the season. We haven’t been sectional champions in a while so it feels great to win.”

Junior Madison Holley added, “That was definitely the best game we have played all season. We were all where we needed to be and the passes were connecting all over the field. I think the defense really stepped up by allowing no goals in. Wednesday will be tough, but we are all looking forward to it.”

With the Lady Lions claiming the 3-0 win against the Roaders, they advance to play FSK on Wednesday.

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