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Dottye Handley Ewing Civic Education in Middle Schools Fund Created

To support civic education for Frederick County Public Schools students, The Dottye Handley Ewing Civic Education in Middle Schools Fund has been established with The Community Foundation of Frederick County and becomes one of its more than 740 component funds.

Founded by Mrs. Ewing through her estate provisions, the fund’s purpose is to support annual programs in Frederick County Public Schools middle schools that teach basic knowledge about citizenship and its inherent responsibilities and the skills essential for active and effective participation in a democracy. These programs include but are not limited to guest speakers, experiential learning activities, curriculum development, and transportation to legislative and historic sites to learn about and encourage civic engagement.

Mrs. Ewing was a lifelong educator and was the first woman appointed as a secondary education administrator in Frederick County. She was passionate about student government, civics, and teaching it to children. Thanks to her generosity, countless Frederick County middle school students will benefit from civic education opportunities for generations to come.

Since 1986, generous citizens have turned to the credibility and expertise of the Community Foundation to establish funds that provide scholarships to deserving students and grants to worthy nonprofit organizations, contributing more than $71 million throughout Frederick County. For additional information about the Community Foundation, visit

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