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Don’t Take Wifi Access For Granted — Not Everyone Can Work On a Computer From Home

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jessica Bentley

Every year school and classes seem to be going more and more online. This new way of learning is convenient for some, but not so much for others.

I personally just got internet at my house. It made it hard for projects and such to get done. I had some internet access, but not all the time and not unlimited.

Where I live, wifi does not reach my house. It would reach two miles on either side of my house just about, but companies wouldn’t stretch it to my house. My sister had internet, but at the time she lived in Thurmont, which is not really convenient for anytime I needed to do homework. The other option was to use my dad’s hotspot he had for work.

First off, hotspots sometimes are super slow, and suck if too many people are on it at one time. Secondly, it was my dad’s work hotspot, he needed it for work, and had a limit on how much he could use.

Others have no idea of the pain it is to not have wifi. They have had wifi forever, and haven’t seen a day without it. Most probably assume everyone has wifi, being that it is so mainstream these days.

My home finally has internet now. We finally found a company that can get a signal to our house. Now that we have wifi it makes life so much easier. I can do a ton of classwork at home, I can work on projects whenever I want. Whereas I used to have to wait for my dad to get home.

Now some may not have the problem of not being able to get wifi, they may not be able to afford it, or they might not be able to afford the devices needed to run the programs for kids school work.

“I can’t run my textbook for class on my device at home. It doesn’t have the right software. It makes it harder to get some of my work done,” said junior Ashley Terry.

Junior Debbie Afolabi who has problems with technology in her life said, “My classes use technology all the time.” Although, Afolabi does have technology at home.

Others might have all the internet access in the world, and the greatest technology in the world. They just don’t like doing things online. “I can’t learn well through technology. I learn better when I have something tangible,” continued Afolabi.

Although troubles with technology happen, it seems the new technology is helping the school. “I do think [students are using technology]. I think teachers are more aware of the things you can do with technology. I hope [it makes school easier]. I think student engagement is higher with them being able to use technology,” said Media Specialist Cindy Doggett.

While technology and doing school work online is sometimes more convenient. People are still trying to catch up with the ever changing society.

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