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Don Schildt Seeks Election as Walkersville Burgess

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 1.  Tell our readers about yourself (family, education, employment, community involvement, etc.):
I am married to my wife, Peggy, and we have 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 1 great-granddaughter. I am a graduate of WHS, retired from Eastalco Aluminum after 36 years and Dairy Maid Dairy for 6 years. I am a former active member of WVFD for 40 years, Kiwanis Club, American Legion Camp WestMar, Kids Chance of Maryland, Chairman of Veterans programs in Walkersville, and Chair/Liason for the ARIA Memorial.
 2.  What prompted you to file as a candidate for the Town of Walkersville government?
The time felt right after serving as a Walkersville Town Commissioner for 20 years. If I am elected, I welcome the challenge of making Walkersville an even better place to live.
 3. What is your main priority if elected?
There are many items on my priority list; including growth, maintain low tax rate, keep water costs down, enforcing town codes, meeting residents and hearing their concerns (not just at election time), improve communications with residents and strong community involvement.
 4. What are the most important issues facing the Town of Walkersville, and how will you address those issues?
  • The town comprehensive plan for the future of Walkersville. Would like the input of all residents.
  • Continue ongoing Drug Seminars to bring attention to this epidemic.
  • Speeding within the town. Many options are available and will meet with citizens to address and adopt a policy that works.
  • Enforce the town code as written and make changes where needed. The Burgess and Commissioners should be proactive in looking for infractions and report to the Code Enforcer for notification
 5. How long have you lived in Walkersville?
Born and raised in Walkersville.
 6. How can Walkersville’s Government support business development within Walkersville?
Tough question! There currently are few places for businesses to come into town and some that are available are overpriced. We need to pro-actively search out and invite them to visit our town.
7. What are your plans to inform more residents of issues and events in Walkersville?
Have been advocating to get news out to residents for many years. The people need to know when and where a crime is taking place, overdoses occurring, and celebrations to be had. Putting these things on our town website, HOA websites, and perhaps even a private phone line that can be called to hear updates on our Town happenings.
8. What are your thoughts on growth in Walkersville?
I have watched the town grow from 1,000 residents in 1970 to over 6,000 currently. I feel we are maxed out with the growth that is currently being developed that was approved back in the 1970’s and 1980’s time frame. At this point, I feel we are at maximum growth for the infrastructure and schools in Walkersville.
9. The following topics will likely come before those elected in September. Please give your thoughts on these topics:
a. Proposed Revision to the Monocacy River Management Plan:
I am not in favor of the Monocacy River Management Plan. There are currently several government agencies involved with putting more restraint on local farmers. Will local tributaries like creeks and branches be affected?
b. Rock Creek School Relocation to Walkersville Middle School property:
This is a great school that is needed in Frederick County, but I don’t feel it’s fair to locate it in the northern part of the county. It should be more centrally located.
c. Solar Farm on Biggs Ford Road:
This farm land is some of the most fertile in our area. I am against losing this agricultural land. I would also like to see this property annexed into the town limits.
d. Water Rates to pay for the new Water Treatment Plant:
This is a necessary evil. I will do my best to keep the rates as low as possible.
GladeValley.net has asked every candidate for office in the Town of Walkersville’s September 10, 2018 Election the same set of questions. All responses will be shared along with any links to their campaign sites and/or social media provided.
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