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Dan Yeeles for Walkersville Town Commissioner

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 1.  Tell our readers about yourself (family, education, employment, community involvement, etc.):
I am a retired government employee. I live on Greenwich Drive. My children attend WHS and WMS. They have participated in GVAA and high school athletics. We have a dog, she is a golden doodle. I chose Walkersville as safe place for my wife and children. I want to keep it safe.

I am a US Army Veteran and I graduated from the University of Maryland.

Currently, I serve on your Zoning Board of Appeals, the County’s Gaming Board of Appeals and the Citizens Advisory Council for the County BOE. Previously I was appointed by Governor Hogan as Chair, Board of Review, Maryland Department of Health. In addition, I was a member of the County’s Commission on Aging and the County’s Plumbing Advisory Board. I coached U6,U8, U10 and U11 soccer for GVAA. I was a classroom volunteer at Glade Elementary School. I have participated in officiating for the Frederick Summer Swim League. I have operated the timing system for WHS swim meets for three years.

 2.  What prompted you to file as a candidate for the Town of Walkersville government?
The town has been changing. Sometimes change is good and sometimes not. The town government needs to change. We need to improve the town’s website and its Facebook page and coordinate them. We need to improve the town’s relationships with GVAA, FCPS and the existing HOAs. The town needs better code enforcement. The town needs to STOP the speeding of vehicles. We need to stop the non-celebratory fireworks. We need to develop an economic redevelopment plan to address the vacant business locations. I have always had interest in government. Between federal, state, county and town governments I have more than forty years of experience working for or with them. I don’t want to change Walkersville. I want to help save Walkersville. The leadership of the previous Burgesses, Lennie Thompson and Ralph Whitmore inspired me to seek the office of Commissioner. I want to save Walkersville.
 3. What is your main priority if elected?
My main priority if elected would be to improve the town’s communications with its residents and visitors. Communications if properly practiced would improve the relationships that need to be addressed. By improving the town’s communications we could accomplish a great deal and save our town from unwanted and unneeded changes. Walkersville is a great place to raise a family. We have churches, we have schools, we have parks and mostly we have good people. We have great volunteer fire and rescue companies. We have very good town employees. I believe if we act accordingly and together through better communications we can save Walkersville.
 4. What are the most important issues facing the Town of Walkersville, and how will you address those issues?
The most important issues facing Walkersville at this time are speeding, lack of code enforcement and our deteriorated relationships with groups (GVAA and FCPS) that most effect our children. Our water situation must constantly be monitored.
 5. How long have you lived in Walkersville?
I lived here a little over 10 years.
 6. How can Walkersville’s Government support business development within Walkersville?
Perhaps the town could develop an economic plan to assist the struggling enterprises that we already have. We should be reaching out to business property owners that have vacant buildings. The town could erect signs on MD 194, Biggs Ford Road and Devilbliss Bridge Road. If necessary, the town could consider tax incentives to new businesses interested in being in our town.
7. What are your plans to inform more residents of issues and events in Walkersville?
We need to update our means of communications. The FNP and the Woodsboro Walkersville Times are nice, however important topics of the day need to be transmitted to our residents in a more timely fashion. The town needs to develop a web based system that is available to all residents.
8. What are your thoughts on growth in Walkersville?
According to the town’s comprehensive plan, it appears that most of the residentially zoned parcels available for development of new homes are already under construction. I see no need for additional development. Additional growth beyond what appears in the current plan I am opposed to.
9. The following topics will likely come before those elected in September. Please give your thoughts on these topics:
a. Proposed Revision to the Monocacy River Management Plan:
The Monocacy River Management Plan in itself is a mess. The County government needs to let the River Board Members do and complete their mission. We are fortunate that we have a local farmer, Matthew Toms, on the board. I do not like governments that attempt to change our way of life. I am concerned that property owners whose lands border the river will be negatively impacted. Individual property rights are being lost every day.
b. Rock Creek School Relocation to Walkersville Middle School property:
The town did not participate in public meetings that addressed the proposed locations for the school. The school needs a location and Walkersville was chosen. Some other neighborhoods objected to the school being relocated to their communities. It appears we did not. Perhaps FCPS takes us for granted. I am opposed to the planned overnight parking of school buses at new Rock Creek School. I am disappointed with the proposed driveway for the school. No one will tell us from where the materials that will be used for backfill are coming from. What type of mining operation left over material will be used? What mine, what quarry will be the source of backfill that might effect our water table? Our water is precious.
c. Solar Farm on Biggs Ford Road:
The site for the solar farm is outside the town limits. The property owner should be able to use his property as he/she sees fit if the use is within the law. Again, we have the issue of individual rights being taken away by the government. Hopefully, the property will remain zoned for agriculture. If the County and State approve the solar farm, then if you are opposed, your fight will be in a bigger arena. I believe if the solar farm is eventually approved, the the owner will make efforts to provide vegetative screening near the roadway.
d. Water Rates to pay for the new Water Treatment Plant:
Unfortunately, it appears that our water rates will go up. I propose additional funding for the water treatment plant via establishing town permit fees for new inground swimming pools and non-agricultural inground lawn sprinkler on both residential and business properties. I would also separate the rate for FCPS and increase it.
GladeValley.net has asked every candidate for office in the Town of Walkersville’s September 10, 2018 Election the same set of questions. All responses will be shared along with any links to their campaign sites and/or social media provided.
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