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Crackdown on Juuls has Mixed Reaction from Students

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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Due to the recent rise in drug use and juuls here at Walkersville High School, there has been a more strict policy put into place. As the students here have seen, there have been teachers ‘patrolling’ the hallway near the bathrooms. A fellow student of mine and myself have decided to do collaborative stories on the teacher and student views on this situation.

“It’s really annoying. I think the teachers are overreacting and if there truly is a problem they should hold an assembly and discuss the problems with the kids instead of making absurd rules,” commented a student who asked to remain anonymous. A majority of the students here truly do believe that the teachers are overreacting. After listening to the teacher’s opinions, it is clear they are enforcing these rules because they are worried about the health of us and nothing else.

“Very stupid, pointless actually. People are still going to Juul in class so they’re overreacting when they close the bathrooms all the time,” an anonymous student added. The students here are very angry about the situation because they aren’t able to see it from the administration’s point of view.

Students are arguing the point that they don’t feel comfortable going into the bathrooms when a teacher is watching them walk in and out and sometimes even following students in and standing at the doorway. “I think it’s so dumb because not everybody Juul’s. Some people actually try to use the bathroom. If I have to use the bathroom I’m uncomfortable to pee in front of people so if the teachers are in there I can’t go to the bathroom,” added another anonymous student.

Although a big chunk of the students here aren’t very happy about the situation, it is probably doing them better in the long run. As Mrs. Kibler said today in the Senior meeting, “The only students here who are arguing about the situation are the ones who are doing the bad things.”

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