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Burgess Weddle Issues Walkersville Town Orders

You may read in the paper that Municipalities like Walkersville can choose whether to follow Governor Hogan’s executive order regarding phase one opening or Frederick County Executive Gardner’s executive order that altered or restricted some of the Governor’s plan. It is correct that municipalities can

  1. Be more restrictive than the Governor’s Order as Frederick County, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Charles County, Baltimore City, Howard and Anne Arundel County have chosen.
  2. Or the municipality may follow the Governor’s order and opt out of the more restrictive County order.
  3. IN no case may the municipality be more lenient or open more than what the Governor has done

Walkersville will follow the orders given by County Executive Jan Garden and operate on a Partial Opening.  

Walkersville code gives Walkersville rights to make certain decisions on its own. The Walkersville code also states that when Walkersville has not chosen to opt out or make its own laws, then The Town will follow or use the County laws/orders or State of Maryland laws/orders,

Examples – the Town has a Town planner so we do not use the Frederick County Planning Office.

The Town provides water so we have a Water department not Frederick County Water.

The Town does not have Animal Control officers so we use and follow Frederick County Animal Control rules.

Walkersville has no Health Officer so we follow the Frederick County Health Department and in this specific pandemic emergency case the Frederick County Executive order.

Please use the attached interactive map to see how Frederick County and other counties are operating.

Please stay well!

Chad Weddle, Burgess

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