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Blood Drive Tomorrow Has Walkersville Students Excited to Make a Difference

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by Angie Florimbio for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

The Walkersville National Honor Society is preparing to host the first blood drive for this year, and students are ready to donate.

The National Honor Society hosts blood drives three times a year. Sign ups for this year’s first blood drive began last week during lunch shifts. National Honor Society Supervisor and social studies teacher Jaime Skena is very excited to be hosting the blood drive again. “It’s fun for me to see how excited students are to donate; especially for the first time,” said Skena. “We actually organize blood drives three times a year for students and staff to help donate. One in October, January, and April. It’s great because if students don’t turn 16 this year, they have a chance to donate the next year.”

Students are also very excited to be able to participate in the blood drive. Senior Alexis Vasquez stated that he is “glad to be participating in the blood drive because it’s great to be able to help others who need it.” Senior Carly Hopkins also thinks the blood drive is great. “I think it’s amazing that Walkersville High School students are able to make a difference and donating to people in need,” stated Hopkins.

Senior Brayden Shorrow stated “I think it’s great because people are always going to be in need of donations and Walkersville is able to help.”

Senior Daniel Main is glad that more awareness is being spread about how donating can help others. “There’s going to be a lot of people hearing about it so hopefully many students decide to participate,” commented Main. “It’s great that more people are going to be informed about how much donating blood can impact and help others.”

Some students are afraid of needles and blood, but still recognize the need for blood drives. Senior Ishara Joseph will not be participating in the blood drives, but still thinks it is a great way to help others. “I can’t give blood, I’m underweight and really afraid of needles. I still think it’s a great cause though,” said Joseph. “You’re able to really help people. It’s not something for everyone, but I would totally participate if I could.”

Donating blood is a fantastic and easy way to help others. It is pretty obvious that both students and staff are excited for a chance to help others and make a difference.

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