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Binge Watching TV Shows Has Distince Advantages

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features-binge-watchingby Molly Lewing

Some people, like me, love watching TV on Netflix. Others, love watching TV weekly on networks. The great question is, what’s better?

Services like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu provide us with the option of watching old seasons or episodes of shows that we may have not been able to see otherwise. Some of my favorite TV shows I was able to watch from the beginning because of those services. Binge watching can be great because cliffhangers will not be such a big deal as you can just go straight to the next episode. I have saved myself a lot of stress by being able to go to the next episode. I never had to worry if the favorite character had died or if the boy got the girl. Sophomore Felicity Poulin is pro-binge watching. “I prefer binge watching all the way because I don’t have to wait to see the next episode.” I totally agree with her not having to wait is the absolute best.

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Other people enjoy watching shows weekly on networks. I can see the interest in that because it keeps you guessing but in some cases you have no choice if the new season of the show just came on. One show I got hooked on (unfortunately) is Pretty Little Liars. I’m forced to wait a week for a new episode and that is really too long especially if the latest episode ended on a cliffhanger and you’re just dying to know what happened. Freshman Natalie Miller enjoys watching shows weekly. “I watch TV week by week because I don’t really watch a lot of TV and I have orchestra and sports so I don’t really have a lot of free time.”

Sophomore Toni Aburto likes both methods of watching TV shows. “I prefer week by week but sometimes I have to binge watch because if something serious happens at the end of an episode I HAVE to know what happens.” I understand why she does it the way she does and everyone has their own preferences. No matter how you watch TV, make sure you watch good shows because wasting your time on a horrible TV show is a shame. So go out there watch TV how you wanna watch it!

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