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Frederick County Public Schools Address Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

There is a Netflix series trending, based on a novel written for young adults, called 13 Reasons Why. The series revolves around a fictional 17-year-old girl who made audio tapes explaining what each person in her circle has done to hurt her before she takes her own life. The series graphically depicts the themes of bullying, rape and suicide as well as consequences of teens who are bystanders and do not take action to address such situations. Please be aware that Netflix can be accessed on any electronic device including…

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Comcast Cable TV Service Survey Available Online

Frederick County residents are invited to provide input that will help Frederick County Government as it prepares to renew its cable television franchise agreement with Comcast. An online survey will be available at until Nov. 23. The link is also posted on the Frederick County Government homepage, The franchise agreement focuses on cable television and not Internet and voice services, which Frederick County Government cannot regulate. Comcast Survey . . .

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