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Biggs Ford Solar Center Meeting at Library

There will be a Community Meeting this Wednesday to discuss the proposed Biggs Ford Solar Center. The meeting will be held at the Walkersville Library at 6 p.m.

The property consists of 151 acres at the corner of Dublin Road and Biggs Ford Road. The address is 8300 Biggs Ford Road. A trust listing former Walkersville Burgess Ralph Whitmore as the trustee owns the farm.

The applicants withdrew their original application for their facility after County Executive Jan Gardner placed a moratorium in January 2016 on such zoning requests while the county considered how to handle them. The original request would have been a special exception to the current zoning of agriculture on the land, and proposed using all of the property for solar power generation.

Under the new regulations passed by the county, the property will have to be either re-zoned or have a floating zone applied to the property. Due to its location, the property’s zoning as a Solar Facility, Commercial Floating Zone District faces several hurdles. The property lies within:

  • the Journey Through Hallowed Ground heritage area along U.S. 15,
  • a Priority Preservation Area, and
  • it is contiguous to Walkersville’s Community Growth Boundary.

No Rezoning Application has been submitted to Frederick County at the time of this writing. The original Special Exception Application can be read here.

The community meeting is required prior to the company, Coronoal Energy, officially filing their rezoning application.


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