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Barry Fleming, Sophomore and Male Cheerleader, Enjoying His Time Cheering On the Lions

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Bri Francis for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

Barry Fleming is a sophomore at Walkersville High School, but he is no typical sophomore. Fleming is the first male cheerleader Walkersville has seen in a significant number of years. Here is the full scoop on our new top man!

WHSLionsPride: “Why did you decide to start cheering this winter?”

Fleming: “Growing up I always had a passion for dance and a love for gymnastics, and I found an outlet through cheer to do these things.”

WHSLP: “How are you enjoying cheer so far?”

BF: “I love it! The only thing I’m not enjoying is the shoe burn on my collar bones from one mans.”

WHSLP: What’s your favorite part so far?

BF: Basket tosses, I love them because my stunt group throws the highest and the competitive side of me loves that!

WHSLP: What is your relationship with the other cheerleaders like?

BF: We have a good relationship, I love the girls. They are so fun, and luckily for me I am able to cheer with some of my bestfriends!

WHSLP: What are you the most excited for this season?

BF: Winning at competition.

WHSLP: What are your goals for the season?

BF: I hope to get my backhandspring, and as for the squad as a whole, I would say my goal is to kill it at competition. I also made a deal with some of my friends on the squad to get my heel stretch.

WHSLP: What is your favorite stunt so far?

BF: I really like basket tosses and one mans.

WHSLP: Have you had to face any challenges?

BF: Well of course there were people who doubted me, but the most challenging thing is probably going to have to go through the first game without my mom cheering me on in the stands. My mom passed away recently and I just wish she were here to see this.

Lastly Fleming added his feelings about being the first male cheerleader at Walkersville “It feels really good to know that I have the courage to do what many others would be afraid to do, and I’m glad I didn’t listen to the people who doubted me. Hopefully I can inspire other kids to do what makes them happy no matter what their circumstance.”

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