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WHS Students and Staff Donate Blood to Save Lives

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Every year, the Walkersville National Honor Society holds a blood drive. On October 25th, WHS held their annual NHS sponsored blood drive. Many students were ready and eager to donate. The auditorium is changed into a mini donating center where students come in throughout the day and give their blood.

Giving blood isn’t as easy as showing up and having a needle stuck in your arm to give blood — there’s a process. For starters, you have to register. After you register you still might not be able to give blood. If something is wrong with your blood that day, such as not having a high enough level of iron, then you can’t donate. If there is an error in the paperwork, then you can’t donate. So even if you are prepared to donate, it might not happen. But you can always donate another time if it doesn’t work out the first time!

“I was scheduled to donate this morning, but because of something wrong in the system I couldn’t. I really was excited to donate because I don’t need all this blood. I might as well give it to people who do,” commented senior Parker Montour.

There were a lot of first time donors who were excited they were able to donate. Junior Madeline Torrez commented, “It’s my first time, and I’m excited! I heard it saves three lives, which is cool,” and which it does. Each donation, equal to approximately one pint, saves three lives. “I want to help people, and I was finally old enough to donate,” junior Leah Wells said. Junior Grayson Eyler added on to what Wells and Torrez stated, “It’s my first time. I’m mainly doing it to save lives.”

Some people in NHS might not like the needles or didn’t have the opportunity to sign up to donate blood, so they help in other ways. They usually help with handing out snacks and juice to the donors when they need it. “I tried to sign up to donate, but all the slots were taken. I figured this is a way I could still help,” commented senior Sofia Bowers.

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