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Kayla Brown

Walkersville high school is typically not a large school therefore there are not many students. However that has all changed because this year is WHS’s most populated year. There are a total of 1,070 students.

Walkersville is used to around 524 students average this year is more than half of that. Other schools in the area half over 2,000 students in their schools however the other schools in the area are far more large than Walkersville. The freshman class has the school packed and overcrowded students complain.

However I wondered how the freshman felt about being in a new school with there being so many  people? Freshman Yegor Varlakov stated, “Like most freshman I just stayed quiet the first few days until people came and talked to me now I have friends to talk to everyday, most of the students are nice people lots of seniors have talked to me and became my friend”.

Like all high schools there are four different classes to go through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. For this story I wanted to know how each different class felt about the increase in population at the school. Sophomore Zachary Holland said that “It feels weird a lower class being the largest in the school.

It makes the halls more packed than last year so it is more of a struggle to get to class on time”. They give students only four minutes to get to class with all the traffic in the halls it is super hard to get to class on time. Walkersville has never had to deal with a population this big so it affects everyone including the teachers. They went from having less than twenty students to having around thirty. “It makes me less comfortable because the hallways are always crowded and its harder to get one on one contact with the teacher,” stated junior Atahji Jackson. I hope this increase in population does not affect the students education access at WHS.

The students that have been there the longest at the high school would be the seniors. They have been there for four long years so I wanted to ask if they truly believed this was the largest populated school year. Senior Linette Claure stated, “I do believe this is the most populated year I’ve had because the
freshman class is huge! The hallways are always packed.”

Walkersville high school has but only one floor that is filled with a record breaking 1,070 students. The hallways are crowded as well as the classrooms. Hopefully the next coming year changes and everything goes back to normal or the students adjust to the school full of students.

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