West Foster Becomes an Eagle Scout

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by Shamus BeckDSCN0002[1]

West Foster is an accomplished student, athlete, and Boy Scout. This is especially true after his recent accomplishment of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Foster has been a Boy Scout since he was six years old and said “I really like doing it and wanted to work my way to the top.”

To become an Eagle Scout, you have to partake in a service project. Foster’s was to help CareNet a center for pregnant women or women with children. “They had a ton of boxes up in their attic that were full of baby clothes and other supplies. My service project was to build eight shelves in their building to help organize their materials. It took 151 hours and the help of thirty-nine other people to complete this project,” said Foster. “I have done everything required of me to become an Eagle Scout, and I am considered one within my troop. I am just waiting for the official certificate now.”

Foster said, “I find it interesting that I started as a Tiger Scout and found out that only 2% of Tiger Scouts go on to become Eagle Scouts.”

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