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Walkersville Has a New Pizza Restaurant – Alverdi’s, On Frederick Street

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The new pizza place on West Frederick Street is a hit with new customers, so hopefully business will take off.

Alverdi’s Italian Restaurant opened recently where Royal Chicken was. So far the good reviews have been flowing in for this small pizza and pasta diner. They specialize in pizza but they also sell pasta and things like calzones. If you visit the website for Alverdi’s you might notice they have not yet put a menu on their site, but they have just opened and thus are still getting situated so you can expect that very soon.

If you’re debating on whether you should head there for a family dinner or worried about how healthy it is just look at Dylan Utz’s comment and rating, “Friendly individuals run this new place slightly hidden away in a locale you could call downtown Walkersville. Using fresh and grease-deterring ingredients, they make a consistent and delicious pizza with unique taste deriving from the cheese blend, the correct amount of sauce, and complimentary dough, all at a decent price point. Is it like any pizza you’ve ever tasted? No. Is a better than any pizza you’ve ever tasted? A real possibility. If you’re around, check it out.” [1]

This is one of many good customer reviews giving this restaurant a 4.6 with nine reviews and only a single one star review.

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Hearing from both the good and a the bad side of how people feel about the food here Michael Parrish was highly opinionated about the topic. “I’d only go here for pizza. Fettuccine was made using spaghetti. [The] sauce was very watery. They didn’t put any balsamic on the caprese salad despite even asking for extra.” [1]

On the other hand they cook using a wood stove and clearly cook your food as quickly as possible. “Wood fired pizza in Walkersville, who knew? I only tried the pizza, but it was outstanding. Very fast preparation, but I guess that could change as they get busier,” explained Joe Zentner, another Alverdi’s customer. [1]

So if you’re looking for a quick delicious pizza, check out Alverdi’s Italian Restaurant. Alverdi’s is located on 2a, W Frederick St in Walkersville. Check it out!

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