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Tips and Tricks for Trick Or Treating In Walkersville

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by Kylie McClung for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

Trick or treating is the highlight of the month of October for most students. There are various places to collect your stash of candy throughout the town of Walkersville. Some places are more “packed” than others. The neighborhoods like Dearbought and Sun Meadows are a fan favorite of students to spend their spooky night. If you live on a less-scattered road such as Daysville Road you don’t really have to worry about purchasing candy to hand out to the treaters, but if you live in a packed neighborhood, candy might be a good investment.

“My favorite place to go trick or treating is in the rich neighborhoods. They always give out big candy bars and sometimes there’s people who hide in bushes and scare you which is pretty cool,” said sophomore Devon Harris.

A poll was put up on Twitter asking the public’s favorite place to trick or treat. The options were Dearbought, Discovery, Sun Meadows, and Deerfield. With a total of 57 votes, 42% of people voted Dearbought, 12% voted Discovery, 35% voted Sun Meadows, and 11% voted Deerfield. On the Twitter poll, anyone who sees the tweet can vote. It shows that without any acknowledgement, people can vote for whatever they want to and the results can be publicly shown.

Populated neighborhoods tend to get the most treaters. It is convenient to parents because there’s not a lot of walking in between houses, and the children might be able to run into their friends. Newly developed neighborhoods tend to be much safer, so parents also bring children to have a safe and fun night. High school students tend to do the same.

If you plan on going trick or treating, big neighborhoods are most likely going to fulfill your candy needs. The neighborhood of Sun Meadows also includes some people creating haunted garages and haunted pathways for the treaters to complete. If they do complete it, a candy reward is issued. This aspect of trick or treating is highly favored from the high school students due to the element of surprise and fun scares.

Wherever you may go trick or treating, be sure to have a fun and safe time and bring lots of pillowcases to stash your candy collection!

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