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Spanish Club Working Hard to Help and Bring Awareness to the Struggles of Puerto Rico

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

About a month ago, the Spanish Club gave each Flex class a water bottle and were all tasked to fill it up with dimes. Whichever class had the most dimes would win a chips and salsa party.

Spanish teacher Loyda Lugo-Goff explained, “Last year [was our] first year [of collecting the water bottles].  Last year’s purpose was to [raise] money for over 200 books for Hillcrest Elementary. This year, we are going to buy supplies for an elementary school in Puerto Rico.”

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, many banded together to help out. Numerous celebrities teamed up with nonprofit organizations to help get the people of Puerto Rico get back on their feet. Unfortunately, even after being powerless, there was an even worse hurricane in store for Puerto Rico, only two weeks later. [1]

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. The floodwaters were over 30 inches, and the overall damage of the storm costs as much as $94 billion. There was a lack of clean medicine, electricity, sewage, and even water. [1]

Although Puerto Rico has made some steps in the right direction, they still are in major debt, and many still don’t have electricity, or clean water. [1] To remedy this, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló has come up with a plan to close roughly 1,100 school (across the 300 islands that make up Puerto Rico). Though this is estimated to save around $300 million by the fiscal year of 2022, it means major cuts for many of the schools, including less electricity, less books, and less overall school supplies. However, Rosselló’s plan has yet to be approved by the Board of Fiscal Supervision. [2]

Although Walkersville alone can’t help each and everyone of these schools, we can help at least one, and more than that, bring awareness on the subject.

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A Spanish Club member and junior Leah Wells said, “I think [donating the money to Puerto Rico] is good because as members of the Spanish club we should be working to help those in need, especially in Spanish speaking countries.”

Spanish Club member and sophomore Emily Deely added, “I think it’s good that it’s going towards the people in Puerto Rico. I think Ms. Lugo’s class will win, because she’s constantly asking people for money, because of how passionate she is about it.”

The class with the most dimes have yet to be announced, but listen to the announcements in the beginning of Flex to find out which Flex class will win the chips and salsa party. Even if your class didn’t win, you can at least feel good that created a greater opportunity to further another child’s education in Puerto Rico.




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