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Shakespeare Mural In English Hallway Creating Quite a Buzz

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Walkersville High School is getting a new Shakespeare mural in addition to other murals in the school. Seniors Molly Draper and Julia Mattis from the English National Honor Society are making a mural dedicated to Shakespeare.

Shakespeare was a Renaissance writer who grew up in Stratford, London. He was the son of a glove maker. When he was 18 he married a woman named Anne Hathaway. Anne was eight years older than him. Anne became pregnant and later married Shakespeare in 1582. At this time they had two children and a son, who had died at 11 years old. [1]

Shakespeare is called the greatest writer of all English literature. Also, he was extremely famous for writing a variety of  plays and was known as an established poet. Shakespeare was also involved with the commercial part of theatre as well. [1]

Mattis commented,“The mural is alright. I [would not] normally do something like this but [it is] going to look different from the original but [it is] going to look good.”

Draper said, “[We are] getting started. [It is] a slow process at first, but once we get it sketched out it should be easy to finish, hopefully [it is] good enough, [and] Shakespeare [will not] haunt the school when [it is] done.”

Sophomore Tamiya Phillips commented, “The start is amazing and [they] are doing a great job with it. I like it and [can not] wait to see the finished product.”

The students and staff can not wait to see the finished product of the new mural and are loving the way that it is coming together so far.




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