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Senior Jasmine Bradley’s Stunning Photograph Selected to Compete Worldwide

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Ashley Terry

Art is a form of self expression. Every year teachers select three of their students best work and submit them to the Youth Art Show at the Delaplaine. If students are selected, they have the option of competing worldwide. Senior Jasmine Bradley had the opportunity of getting her art piece submitted.

“The piece was from her Photo Two class where they had to create a work based on ‘Destruction,’” said photography teacher Amy Graunke on Bradley, “It probably took her a week or two to complete it.” Bradley gave an insight on the thought process and the reasoning behind her photo. “I overheard others talking of what they were going to do, and it was either broken glass or mirrors, etc. I wanted it to be more personal and something no one else was going to do. I struggle with anxiety, and when I have an anxiety attack my head feels like it’s crumbling into a million pieces. I thought this would be perfect to portray within my photography.” Bradley placed second in the Youth Art Show.

Dealing with anxiety can be difficult. For Bradley, she has multiple outlets to help cope. “I usually improv (dance) for hours, or play my ukulele and sing my heart out. But I usually just keep to myself and unplug from social media whenever I feel really anxious.” When asked if the photo will help others, she felt that it wouldn’t, “Maybe it will change their perspective on what destruction may mean.”

Bradley ended with giving advice to others who suffer from anxiety, “Do whatever makes you happy or calm, and if you need help don’t ever be afraid to ask. Anxiety is hard to get through, but just hold [on to] positive thoughts because optimism has helped me a lot.”

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