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Peg and Orley Bourland Educational Assistance Fund

The Peg and Orley Bourland Educational Assistance Fund is now awarded year-round through Glade Valley Community Services and The Community Foundation of Frederick.

This scholarship is to provide financially need-based funds for post-secondary education in trade, vocational or technical fields to help defray the costs associated with tuition, fees, testing, tutoring, trade tools, supplies, etc.

Applicants’ eligibility requirements are:

  • must be a resident of Walkersville feeder school areas,
  • must describe their financial need, career goals and specify how the funds will be used,
  • must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary educational program

Preference is given to applicants who are pursuing vocational, technical and skilled trade fields (not 4 year degrees).

The award(s) can be any amount needed but will not exceed $1000 per year.

Applications are due a minimum of 30 days prior to when the funds need to be paid.

Applications are available at:

  • Glade Valley Food Bank,
  • Walkersville High School,
  • Career and Technology Center (CTC),
  • Walkersville Public Library,
  • Walkersville Town Hall,
  • Woodsboro Town Hall,
  • Frederick Community College,
  • The Community Foundation of Frederick,
  • Naviance (WHS), and

For more information, call the Glade Valley Community Services Office at 301-845-0213.

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