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Music Boosters Promote Their Program Through Performances and Innovative Fund Raising

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Caylee Winpigler for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

On Saturday November 26th, the Walkersville High School music booster members rallied together to perform at Barnes and Noble in the Francis Scott Key Mall. The Walkersville musicians perform at Barnes and Noble and participate in other activities in order to raise funds for the music program.

At Barnes and Noble, the music boosters performed for almost the entirety of the day which is quite an endeavor when most of the instrumentalists had been up the previous night performing at the football game. “[We handed] out bookmarks with codes you give to the register which gives [the boosters] a little of the money from the purchase,” explained sophomore Madelyn Leach.

Junior Abe Cain’s parents, Melodee and Nathan Cain, are the presidents of the music boosters and were one of the various representatives there at Barnes and Noble on behalf of Walkersville. They strongly believe in the work of the boosters and want the music program to be improved for current and upcoming students, “There is a need to have the boosters because there isn’t enough funding from the school to keep the program running otherwise,” said Cain.

Not only do the musicians perform at Barnes and Noble, but they have a lot of other methods to obtain funds. Cain mentioned a few of their methods, “They’ve scheduled events and done fundraisers such as Santa Breakfast, selling popcorn, tag day, [and] Barnes and Noble performances.”

Tag days are days when the music booster students walk door to door asking for donations. Next time you see students in Walkersville regalia walking up to your door, give them a chance.

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Through this extensive fundraising they have already had a large amount of success. “So far we’ve made over $2,000 on tag days alone. Our goal is to get our name out there and get support from the community as well as the school,” stated Leach.

With all of the money that they collect, the boosters have a plan in place for what the money will help to cover. “They have paid for instrument, uniform, and equipment maintenance so far as well as travel fees and competition fees. This year, the main goal is to meet their budget, and purchase new drums and uniforms for the music program,” said Cain.

The majority of the organizational responsibilities has to be attributed to the parents of the students and the music teacher Lucas Hogan. “My parents joined the boosters because they knew band meant a lot to me and they wanted to help out,” said Leach. Her father, Joe Leach, is the Vice President of the band boosters and her mother, Shelly Leach, is a part of the pit crew.

Junior Toni Aburto has been a member of the music program at Walkersville for a large majority of her school career when she started in elementary school. Her parents, Maggie and Matthew Redfern, belong to the publicity portion of the booster committee. Music, obviously, has been a major part of her life and it has made a lasting impression on her that the boosters have helped to facilitate, “I like how the band can relate to one another and how close we all are. Basically we’re a family. I like the challenges there are in band and it’s just a lot of fun. I’ve learned all my life lessons through band and I can let all my emotions out when I play my baritone,” said Aburto.

Thankfully due to the hard work of the boosters, they have helped to sustain the music program at Walkersville High School and ensured its longevity. The impact that music has on the students and the community of Walkersville is profound and one that deserves to continue far into the future.

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