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There He Is, Mr. Walkersville! All Hail Alec Parker!

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by Megan Allen

The fifth annual Mr.Walkersville was a night full of laughs and unforgettable moments. This year’s contestants were CJ Barndollar,Anthony Devincentis,Joey Edwards,Noah Ferguson,Collin Heller, Jacob Keith,Ryan Manchester,Connor Owen,Alec Parker,Cody Strange and Darryl Thompson.

Contestant senior Jacob Keith stated “I thought it was lots of fun! The best part was finally preparing for the Hoedown Throwdown; it was just incredible entertaining.” Senior Anthony Devincentis blew the audience away with his voice, Devincentis said “It was great. Everybody who was a part of it had a great time and it was really cool to see the whole high school and community together and have fun.”

The pageant had three rounds to get points to get the title of “Mr.Walkersville.” The first round was the introduction with the escorts, after was the question and answer round and the final round was the talent portion. The introduction and talent rounds were worth ten points and the question and answer round was worth 20 points.

“My favorite round was the talent round and overall it was such a fun experience doing the whole thing. I will definitely remember it,” said senior Joey Edwards.

The second place winner got to leave with a $10 gift card for Chipotle and the winner got huge bragging rights, a crown plus a $50 gift card for Chipotle as well.

Second place went to Ryan Manchester and  his thoughts were “It was wild, one of the most fun things I have done in high school.” The new “Mr.Walkersville” title went to Alec Parker. “I had a ton of fun– just practicing with the other guys was awesome. Anthony’s singing was probably the best I have ever heard. Joey bringing the pig was pretty funny. Although winning was cool, I think Anthony was a little bit better and I think he deserves it,” said Mr.Walkersville, Alec Parker.

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