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High School Journalism Has Changed Dramatically Over the Last 15 Years Due to Technology

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Jessica Bentley

WHS Lion’s Pride newspaper has evolved through the years. What now is the online newspaper that publishes stories everyday, was once a monthly printed paper. It’s hard to believe that the newspaper we have now was only published once a month!

The WHS newspaper now has a huge staff of 36 students, both semesters, making it an ongoing newspaper, and is completely run by the students for the most part. It is an online newspaper that gives you stories of what’s happening in Walkersville.

When the newspaper was on paper it was set up like your average newspaper. The monthly newspaper even had ads for local businesses in Walkersville.

Although the newspaper was only published once a month, the group still managed to cover most of the events that went on at WHS. It just sometimes was not as timely as it is now.

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Now WHS Lion’s Pride covers all the happenings at WHS and the Walkersville community, and everything is published right away with the ease of technology and computers.

The stories are still similar, just with the subjects and themes relating more to the early 2000’s. The newspaper still talked about things like political issues, as well as other important issues. At the same time they still debated different technologies, and gave their opinions just like now.

The newspaper itself wasn’t too different from the one we have now. They were actually doing things that we haven’t been until recently.

The newspaper recently started making comics, but the newspaper already started making comics back then. They had these hand written comics in the newspaper to break up stories, and add more to the paper. Now we have brought them back, and have changed them to match the technology age with digital comics.

It is nice to see how the newspaper has changed through the years and what the school life was like in the early 2000’s. It is sort of like looking back at old yearbooks.  You get to see the trends and how they are different, the activities that went on, and just what the school life was like back then.

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