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Glade Valley Food Bank Needs Your Support

The Glade Valley Food Bank seeks the community’s support as donations are down in the summer months.

Items most urgently needed are peanut butter and tuna; these shelves are bare.    Other places where the shelves are starting to look empty include macaroni and cheese, Hamburger Helper, canned fruit, boxed potatoes (mashed, scalloped, etc.), soup, canned peas, cereal, spaghetti/pasta, spaghetti sauce, baked beans.  Your donations can be left in the outdoor blue and gold donation box near the rear of Walkersville Town Hall.  Or you can donate items through your church.

Another way to support the Food Bank is to order food items online at Walmart or Amazon.  Be sure to look for the free shipping on orders over a certain amount! Send to: Glade Valley Food Bank, 21 West Frederick St., Walkersville, Md 21793.

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