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FFA Sausage Grind Creates a Smell That Will Make You Crave a Sandwich… or Three!

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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by Jessica Bentley

The FFA’s annual sausage grind is back! Since early this morning, members of the FFA have been hard at work preparing the meat to make some good sausage.

Everyone starts super early, “It takes a lot of us to pull something like this off. I couldn’t even give an exact number as to how many, we work closely with the alumni to get the sausage from the sausage grind. Everyone here is either from the FFA or the alumni association. The members of the FFA, at least most of us, have been here since six o’clock. I don’t even know what time the alumni got here,” said FFA member Sydnie Grossnickle.

The process all begins with the meat. The alumni almost create like an assembly line to cut the meat, and prepare it for grinding. Then someone grinds it into sausage to be patted out into patties for the sandwiches.

Although this may not seem very appetizing and mouth watering to some, I assure you it is not that bad, and it is all worth it for the amazing sandwiches. After they prepare everything for cooking, they grill.

They offer two different options for sandwiches, the first being sausage, and egg, and the other being sausage, egg, and cheese. For the one without cheese it costs $4. The one with cheese costs $5.

Now to the grilling. They have two grills, one for the meat and one for the eggs. If reading all the prep turned your stomach and was making you think twice, let me tell you the smell of them cooking alone is enough to change your mind and make you want to buy one.

I could not help myself so I ended up buying one. It was so good, and probably was the highlight of my morning. I savored every bite of that sandwich. “It was fantastic! The sandwich was very delicious, I went with the sausage egg and cheese combo. It was good, and the cheese makes it,” said English teacher Rebekah May.

Grossnickle told me where the money was going, “The proceeds this year will go to our nationals competition in Oklahoma, and will help us pay for that.”

Hopefully the sausage grind will be a success for the FFA. I know I sure loved the sandwiches, and everyone else will too. If you have not had a chance to go down there, they are open all day, and you might want to try before it is too late.

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