You Are Not Seeing Double — It’s Twin Day at WHS!

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by Mollie Green

The answer to your question is, yes, you are seeing double. Today is Twin Day here at Walkersville High School for the exciting spirit week before the homecoming dance on Saturday.

Twin Day is one of the student body’s favorite days during spirit week. You get to plan with your friends a cool outfit that both of you can rock! And you don’t have to stop at just a twin, you can have triplets, quadruplets, however many!

Seniors Marisa Sadler and Madison Grant have been twins for two years now and decided to go silly this year. I asked Grant where she and Sadler got their “original gangster” shirts and Grant said “Marshall’s.” I then asked them what made them decide to be twins and Grant said, “Well we’ve been best friends for a while and have the same style.”

You don’t always have to have a twin the same gender as you. Junior Brooke Shortt and senior Ben Bauer, have been dating for two years and have been twins for two years as well. Shortt said they purchased their attire at Walmart. Shortt also said they decided to be twins because they thought it would be funny, being a couple and all.

Twin Day has been going on for years for Walkersville High School’s spirit week and will continue throughout the years. If you don’t have a twin this year, there’s always next year! Remember it’s only Tuesday, so keep up with the rest of spirit week on the website! That’s only if your eyes don’t hurt from seeing too much double.





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