Yogi Castle Like “Heaven In My Mouth”

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features - Yogi's Castleby Sasha Mazikins

It’s hard to keep up with all of the new frozen yogurt (fro-yo) places popping up around the area, but Yogi Castle is clearly the best choice because of its fresh yogurt, variety of toppings, cheap prices, and beautiful interior design.

Students raved about their first bite of Yogi Castle being “delicious,” “good,” and Lexy Crist, sophomore, said “It’s like heaven in my mouth.”.

Employee at Yogi Castle, Ekaterina Mavridis, junior at Catoctin High School, said “My favorite part of working at Yogi Castle is the good products because all of ours are made with real yogurt by Danon, and we keep everything as healthy as we can. Plus our toppings are really safe, and I think that’s what makes us better than competitors.”

“I’m really plain, I like vanilla yogurt with some sprinkles, and maybe some peanuts,” said Kelley Ramsburg.

“I think what differs Yogi Castle from competitors is the really pretty interior, and my favorite flavor would have to be birthday cake and chocolate.” said Jennifer Simmons, junior.

“I think Yogi Castle is better because they’re prettier and colorful,” said Crist.

“I like Yogi Castle better because it has been here longer,” said Simmons.

“My favorite flavor combination is cake batter and red velvet,” said senior, Emily Zimmerman.

“I like Yogi Castle better because they have more flavors of yogurt, and my favorite flavor is cake batter,” said senior, Zoe Sharrer.

Yogi Castle costs 39 cents per ounce, and is conveniently next to Chipotle and Taste of Asia.

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