Windows 10

Microsoft’s preview of Windows 10 last week gave a glimpse of things to come.  They’ve prepared the new operating system to run on devices that have no screen, small screens, and even huge screens bigger than most folks’ televisions.

One big change from Windows 8 will be the adaptability of the user interface (UI).  Microsoft caught a lot of flack with Windows 8 appearing to be more touch friendly than keyboard and mouse friendly.  Windows 10 will have a “tailored experience for each device,” whether you talk to it, wave your hands at it, touch it, or point-and-click with a mouse.

For developers, there will be a single way to write an app that will allow operate on the entire range of devices running Windows 10. The Windows Store will be the source for discovering, purchasing, and updating apps on all devices.

The familiar Start menu returns to Windows, but will be more customizable and feature Live Tiles which were introduced in Windows 8’s Start Screen.

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Introduced in an update to Windows 8.1 this summer, everything will run in the familiar Window.  Before this update, Windows 8 applications ran full-screen without the familiar title bar, minimize, restore, and close icons in the upper right corner; users had to swipe from the sides of the screen.  Mouse users were not happy with this.

Snap will be enhanced to allow up to four apps snapped in a quad layout on the screen.

Windows 10 will introduce a Task View Button. The button will provide quick visual switching between open files and quick access to your desktops.

Wait!  Did that say desktops?Yes. You will be able to create desktops for different uses.  You will be able to switch between these desktops just as you would switch between apps.

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